SGK-STUDIO Production is a full-service video production company in Tokyo, Japan.

SGK-STUDIO Production was founded in 2000 by Sharon Gidon Kobayashi.

We’ve built an experienced team of cameraman, editors, graphic designers, animators, writers, and producers, offering clients a totally comprehensive production experience.

This includes complete concept and script development as well as physical production, motion graphics/animation design, post-production, web streaming and DVD distribution.

We want to be an extension of your organization as a reliable partner that has the expertise to produce high-quality video productions.

We value the long-term relationships we have  with our clients allowing us to truly understand what they desire, creating powerful high end video productions that have a tremendous impact on their audience.

We provide an end-to-end solution allowing complete control of your video production, from the initial planning stage and scripting, to distributing the finished  films .

SGK-STUDIO Production is also available purely as a production facility. We can provide camera crews, digital video editing, media training crews, video encoding and DVD production services. You decide how much of the project you wish to manage in house, and how much we can do.

We will take on as much responsibility as fits your needs.

We are a production company that will allow you set your creative desires watch them come to life, beyond your wildest dreams.